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Make your story powerful

November 6, 2012

Welcome to my newsletter to help you build a successful Network Marketing business.  As I said in my welcome email, this newsletter is the result of questions I have been asked over the past few months as a result of running a campaign to promote my training system.  I’m not sure how many posts I’ll put up, but if you find it useful or send in any questions of your own, then I’ll keep them coming.  I think that once or twice a month is enough for tips on Network Marketing; again, if there is more demand then I’ll look into doing more.

Just a quick bit about me; my name is Anthony Charles and I am the founder of Team Titanium; we produce Choices Magazine which is a fantastic resource to help people make the transition from employee to entrepreneur.  We launched in 2010 and have been going from strength to strength.  My aim is to build a solid network marketing business and a team of network marketing professionals with multiple skills who are not only successful in network marketing, but who also have other successful business ventures that they can market through Choices Magazine.

So let’s get down to business; as I promised you in my welcome letter I’m going to deal with a problem that many distributors have when it comes to sponsoring, due to a lack of credibility.   I’ll give you a simple method that you can use time and time again that will get you past the fear that stops you from approaching people because you haven’t made it big yet.  You’ll build your competence, which will boost your confidence, you’ll get more prospects and start sponsoring like crazy.

Here is the problem: many network marketers get scared of talking to people because they have no success in the business as yet.  They believe that they have to have some element of success then they can start telling others of their experiences, in the hope that it will make them want to join too.  Now yes; of course having a level of success will encourage others to join you, but what if it’s your first week?

Believe it or not, you already have a powerful story to share with prospects.  The secret is found in the skill of expressing, rather the impressing.  Unfortunately most distributors go for the latter, doing their best to impress people in order to make them join the team.  This is how you use the powerful tool of expressing in order to build a credible story of yourself, right from the start of your business.

To do so you simply share with your prospect why you have joined the business, just as you would explain a career change; all you have to do is follow this four step formula:

Step 1.     First explain your background or current circumstances:  Tell them a bit about what you were doing on a work and personal basis before you saw the business opportunity.

Step 2.     Explain what you didn’t or don’t like about your current circumstances:  This can be challenging for those who have a lot of ego and enjoy impressing people.  It takes a bit of humility to admit that you haven’t quite got things the way you want them or have messed up and got it wrong in the past, but being humble pays well in this business.

Step 3.     Explain the decision to change your circumstances:  You may want to share the point at which you felt enough was enough.  Was it one big decision or something that had been building up; was it an event that brought you to that point of near disaster?

Step 4.     Explain what you have found to change your circumstances:  Explain in simple terms why you have chosen your business opportunity, what you like about it and how the opportunity will help you.  You can also back it up by using testimonials.  We’ll talk about testimonials in future posts.

Share your story and watch your business grow; your story may not flow the first time you tell it, but practice, persist and it will pay off.

Stay focused, stay positive and live your dreams.

Anthony Charles