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Anthony Charles is the CEO of ARPC Titanium, a company dedicated to providing individuals with strategies for personal and business success.  He is also the founder of Team Titanium and Choices Magazine, a network marketing company and business and lifestyle magazine, totally focused on supporting and guiding entrepreneurs by using a proven system that builds success and confidence through competence.  People only have a lack of confidence in their abilities to succeed because they don’t yet possess the competence to do so.

Anthony has had several years of business experience, successfully navigating the storms and calms of business life.  He made the transition from employee to self employed and then to business owner a number of years ago, so knows firsthand the many ups and downs, joys and adversity that come with succeeding in the business world.  His understanding of these challenges has inspired him to create a system for others to succeed.  His personal journey and experiences have made him into a tenacious fighter for Entrepreneurs and Business people worldwide.

“Constantly learn change and grow, control your thinking, understand your purpose, continue to enhance your Action, Responsibility, Persistence and Character. Stay positive, stay focused and live your dreams.”

Anthony Charles

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